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Mathew's earliest memory of being regarded as a leader was in an end of year progress report with a teacher in the 3rd grade.

(Thanks Mrs. Welsh.)

Mathew regularly finds himself as an assistant and confidant to directors, choreographers, and managers. Always willing to put in the work, with just a touch of type A, Mat balances work and fun all while prioritizing quality of production. 

Mat Wonder.heic

Before graduation, Mathew conceptualized, choreographed, designed, and edited a dance piece, working closely with multiple professionals in multiple fields. This feat displays versatility, cooperation, and artistry.

With all of his theatrical experience, onstage, at the creative table, and in the front of the house, Mathew has no problem organizing and facilitating events and projects. 

Recently, Mathew was chosen by a diverse cast of 20 performers to act as a deputy and representative of said cast in matters of communication with management as well as internal discussions. This role has allowed Mathew to both ensure proper treatment of the cast and advocate for the highest quality as possible for the production.

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